About Us

With 25 years of Industry experience in Manufacturing, Distribution and Installation we understand the unique affiliation of Home Builder and Installation Contracting. As a residential contractor effected by the market decline after 2008 we found ourselves looking for alternative revenue sources and a way to keep our staff employed and busy working.

We seemed to have exhausted every option available for audio, video and every other offering any low voltage company was searching to sell trying to stay afloat. During a tough market time when discretionary income was tight what we offered was typically considered non-essential. We needed a product or service that not only added value to the customer but one that used the same labor, materials and skill level our company already had in place. As a technology company we were always reaching out to stay in touch with what’s new. As we researched the burgeoning market of LED lighting was a direction that kept coming up. The challenge we noticed was it was a fractured market between new construction, bulb’s vs retrofit with no clear direction from manufactures on how products get to market, what that channel was going to be, or what the end product was going to look like. What we did take notice of was that all LED’s natively are actually Low Voltage and if we remove the traditional High Voltage portion what was left was a natural fit for us to install and ended up being a more reliably and cost effective product for the customer.

Two years into continued product improvements and installation method refinements the product had a strong acceptance and it was time to turn our strategy into a separate manufacturing business.

Using low voltage for lighting TruLED provides a revenue source previously not available to low voltage contractors. As a simple repeatable process the Lighting category has the possibility to become a standard offering not just an upgrade option. Marketable not only as a tangible money savings option for the buyer it’s a complete answer when offered with Lighting control solutions. Because it uses the same wiring as in ceiling speakers it also provides alternative options for homes that are prewired only for speakers, if you chose to not have speakers installed that same prewire can now become a light.

Another first is offering a product that has an aesthetic value that now engages women as part of the technology discussion. Utilizes existing resources that most low voltage trades already use there is no need to source and stock different cables or tools. TruLED makes an efficient, long lasting and simple way to enhance Lighting by taking advantage of our DC LED systems. You’re already using this smarter and safer topology with other electronics. Let TruLED show you the light!